Monday, 20 March 2017

Every Man Needs a Pair of Loafers

What are Loafers?

Loafer shoes are indeed the perfect pair for every traveling business man. Aside from being comfortable and versatile to wear, they are also designed as sleeker and simpler to suit any formal occasion. Loafers are the ultimate classic footwear for a range of reasons. Darker colors such as black and brown are the most formal which can be perfectly paired with dress pants, jeans, and suits when not wearing a necktie. Common loafer variations are penny loafers, monk straps, tasseled decorations, and formal pumps.
 Men's shoes Men's Shoes

Don’t feel guilty about investing in this shoe style since they are worthwhile additions to your wardrobe. They are easily adaptable for various looks and seasons. However, you should be aware that the way you style loafers is also extremely important. Do justice to this stylish staple so that you can successfully pull off that perfect overall look anytime, anywhere. 

Characteristics of a Loafer
·         Lace-less shoe.
·         Low shoes
·         Separate sole
·         Lack embroidery, beading or other embellishment on the uppers.
·         Loafer Colours

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Black may be classic and is the number one choice for many, but there are a variety of other colors available that can be more stylish and versatile when it comes to loafers. Here are some of the examples:
Dusty brown – such an ideal pair to have since they suit a wide range of palettes and are perfect for casual as well as more dressed up looks.
Navy- it works well with colors such as white, beige and green.
Burgundy- It is an unexpected favorite. You might be wondering if this color can be considered as versatile, but it is actually worth to consider if you want to brighten up your wardrobe.
Beige- If you are looking for a pair of loafers to complement neutrals, beige will undoubtedly complement tanned skin.

Loafers With or Without Socks
You might have argued and debated about this but this is actually a matter of personal preference. Socks with loafers can enhance visual appeal but are not necessary. However, loafers without socks are unquestionably clean and relaxed to look at. Allow the occasion and the season to make the choice for you though. If you insist with using socks, choose a style that has colors which correspond to your clothing choices; this will help to make you look refined and not messy. Make a great impression by choosing the perfect pair for every season. Check out our entire collection of comfortable and stylish slip-on shoes for men that are versatile and can be worn virtually for any occasion. Jazame got leather loafers, classic penny loafer, and more!

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What every guy needs to stay stylish in the dead of winter

A tried and practical way to combat those January blues is to invest in a brand spanking new pair of shoes. Not that I am in need of an excuse to buy shoes, but with temperatures set to drop well into the minuses this week, keeping your toes warm is crucial.
If you are currently looking for something that can guarantee to keep you warm this year, check out these different types of dress boots.

Don’t let winter ruin your style. Look for a pair of shoes that will help you get through the chill.                                                              
Dress Boots
I have to admit that boots are my favorite kind of footware. The beauty is that it's equal parts dressy and rugged. In short, boots can be made to fit any style. Whether you are a motorcycle rider, young entrepreneur, or a cowboy perhaps, boots will never fail to enhance your style. We cannot survive without at least few pairs of those in our closet.
There are three major categories of dress boots every guy should get familiar with: Chelsea boots, Chukka Boots and Lace-up boots. Check out our selection and choose the perfect pair which can satisfy your desire this winter.
Types of Dress Boots

A pair is never enough, formal occasions demand a smarter look than a work boot. Men’s Chelsea boots are a versatile choice. The right pair looks perfect when worn with a suit from Monday to Friday as it does with a shredded jeans for a weekend party with the dudes. It doesn’t only give you comfort and style but also an aid for the worrisome winter weather. Considered as the Swiss Army Knife of your shoe rack, Chelsea are an essential must have.    

Many people believed that Chukka boots are originally worn by British forces who enjoyed playing polo. The word chukka possibly comes from the game of polo, where chukker is the period of play in polo matches. The chukka boot trend is back but in truth, it never went away and expect them to stick around for years to come. Just like the Chelsea, Brogue, and Loafers- Chukka is a versatile classic. This is a popular choice for men’s casual and sporty wear.      


·         Lace-UpBoot
This boot is a great option and an alternative to Oxford or Balmoral shoes as they have that similar degrees of classiness. In general, this type of boot functions as casual/business wear. However, black ones are more ideal for professional occasions as they are easy to pair with a good suit. The closed-laced ones are smart, reliable all-around, timeless classics.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Look good with our Loafers, 24/7

Who says you have to look good only on special occasions, when you can look so round the clock!
Many of us, in our free time (or, should we say, when not partying), when performing day-to-day tasks and personal activities, tend not to care for our personal appearance, especially when our peers are not around. While some of us have the much talked-about ‘good’ genes that help us effortlessly look like a million-bucks even on the off-days, for some of us, it’s a struggle that could end in failure if done with the wrong set of resources.
The so-called plain Janes may seem to have it hard, but it’s worse for the average-Joes. While many girls have the good fortune of being rid of their ‘plainness’ at a later point in life, most of the guys, instead of turning out to be the hunks many ladies would drool over, become the ‘creeps’ (not that they wished for it) who anyone would want to avoid at all costs. A change in the wardrobe hardly seems to help, which means that they are left with the ‘party’ option, and it will be a long wait.  
Though not known to the average Joes, the casual wear trend is a lot more well-known than it seems. Many male models can be seen walking the ramp in all types of casual-wear in fashion magazines and on the television. In recent years, well-known designers around the world have learned to mix and match various colors and designs to get the right look and effect for any body-type (all men may seem the ‘same’, but they can’t have the same physique).
They have even got the shoes to match. No casual-look is complete without the right shoes. And, speaking of shoes, loafers are in vogue at the moment. When it’s about pairing something with your casuals, loafers work best.

If it’s about the price, then you can get them at We offer loafers at discounted rates, so that you can be the showstopper of any party, minus the ‘creepiness’.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Are you one of those guys who cannot fit in with the hip crowd?
Want to look the ‘cool’ part? Obviously, who doesn’t? People will go to great lengths to look good, especially for the peers. They need to look perfect at all times, be it for a party or a visit to one’s family. While your own family may be capable of handling your habits, flaws and bad sense of fashion, you can’t expect the same from outsiders (many of who are, in fact, waiting for the opportunity to make someone look like a fool). They will talk behind your back, and won’t hesitate to spread rumors about you and (inadvertently, maybe) make you seem like a nut case to others.
Nasty, right? You might consider them to be mean, but you can’t do anything about it.
 Even if you want to change your wardrobe, money could be an issue. Fashion comes with a huge price, and not many are willing to risk it.
But for your feet, it will be worth the trouble. Jazame has got the latest range of men’s casual footwear. They are fit for any occasion-and perfect for shutting the mouths those ‘outsiders’!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Afford all the swag you can, with our latest collection of men’s footwear.

Where there’s fashion, there’s shoes. Every few days, various designer fashion footwear outlets come out with the latest styles that tend to surpass the previous designs. They come with motifs that match the individual preferences of many people.
Designs could range from superheroes to tribal, and sometimes even oriental. Like they say, to each his own. Many go for the latest fashion has to offer. It’s an undeniable fact that fashion undergoes changes every now and then.
And so do prices of the shoes in question. Good quality shoes, especially those for men, are hard to find, thanks to the rising costs, especially when your present income is enough to only get you your basic needs, like food and snacks.
For those with low allowance, the idea of getting new shoes is like attempting to scale Mount Everest (without the necessary mountain-climbing gear, in this case). Shoes and other fashion wear is practically out of your league.
As the saying goes, walking in another person’s shoes will help you see things from their perspective. But doing so literally will give you sore feet that will make you cancel that trip to your friend’s party.
Borrowing another person’s shoes may not be such a nice idea to prefer every now and then. This could either make your feet hurt (the obvious, expected outcome) or make you look like a fool to your friends, and any number of girls who could have been potential dates.
But, if you are comparing yourself to the Hollywood heartthrobs you like, and are jealous of (in a good, friendly way), you better put your case to rest. On various occasions, once in a while, these guys have been caught on camera and humiliated by the fashion police for coming out in the open wearing shoes and clothes that don’t match, and look like they have been picked out of a garbage bin!
You may not be a celebrity, but you have been spared the horror of becoming the ultimate media clown. Imagine being the butt of people’s jokes at every step!

To get all the swag you need for making the right impression, try Jazame. We have the latest collection of men’s shoes, including Oxford shoes, Dress shoes, and loafer shoes. There are more for you to pick from, at prices you can’t refuse! With our footwear, you can make each and every step count!    Read More

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

We have what you need for your kid’s ‘sore’ feet

Willingness to do anything for one’s kids is a sure-shot sign of being a caring parent. These people are more than willing to go to any lengths for ensuring their children’s well-being, and will do everything in their power to see that all their needs are fulfilled, which is just the reason why parents get all worked up on getting the best toys, sweets and clothes for their kids.
It’s the same when it’s about style. Everyone wants their kids to look the best, but not all of us can get to the level of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes when it comes to fashion. Where there’s the best in fashion, there’s soaring prices that will make every parent think twice before going for the latest stash.
For parents who wish to stay on the safer side without letting down their kids, Jazame has the latest collection of footwear for kids, minus the high prices. We have shoes starting at just $4.99! With our footwear, your kids can make their own style statement, a la’ Suri Holmes.

We have the right steps for making your kids shine! For more details visit:

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


For some guys, looking good on working days is like a walk in the park, but pulling off the same on their day-off?
If it is about meeting friends on such days, your reputation is most likely at stake. When going to a social gathering or a party, you got to look your best. You might be able to get the right clothes (or rather, borrow them), but if you have never been one for shoe-shopping, you got to watch your step.
Jazame has just what you need for keeping it simple yet casual. We have the latest collection of men’s sneakers, ranging from casual sneakers to boat sneakers, all of Polar fox brand. We also have Polar fox loafers. You don’t have to worry about a last-minute cash-crunch, because they come at affordable prices!