Monday, 29 February 2016

Boys shoes for the style blues

Girls aren’t the only ones with problems. Even boys come with their own issues. Your little boys, like other kids, will obviously want to look good. They may act tough, but they have hearts that long for love and attention. For fulfilling such a need, clothes may not be enough- they also need good shoes to go with what they wear. 

Jazame has exactly what is needed for catching the attention of any passer-by. The latest collection includes Casual Boat shoes, Suede Boat shoes, Dress loafer shoes and Dress Design loafer shoesWe will help your little soldier march on in style.

With our help, your boys can be what they seek to be.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Dress shoes for the Easter blues

Everyone knows that Easter is the time of renewal. Many people, especially kids, look forward to this day with equal amount of eagerness, in spite of the different meanings it holds for them-While it means observance for adults, the kids see it as a cue for new clothes for the occasion, and the much awaited Easter-egg hunt.

But dresses and Easter-eggs are not enough for such an occasion. Your little hunters may want to dress to impress, but they will need something more to get their little feet through the day-Dress Shoes.

At Jazame, we have the latest collection of dress shoes.  For the girls, we have Mary Jane flats, Canvas flats, Ballerina flats and for the boys, it is Casual boat shoes, Suede boat shoes, Dress design loafer shoes and everything that’s fit for an Easter Sunday. With our help, you can make sure that your toddlers take their first steps for the occasion in the right way.

With our help, your kid can join the egg-hunt in style

Monday, 15 February 2016

Cheap men’s shoes to drive away the monetary blues

If you are a guy, picture this- you have been invited to your boss’s party, and looking professional is a must. You then realize that your current shoes aren’t exactly fit for such an occasion. You go to the shoe store closest to your house, and see a row of sparkling leather shoes on the top rack. You ask the salesman the cost of the shoes, only to drop in shock on hearing the price, which is too high, and not something you have for the purchase.

We at Jazame specialize in solving such issues. We make sure that your budget does not keep you from enjoying the best moments of your life. If you want good quality shoes without having to waste all of your precious, hard-earned money, we will make sure that you get your heart’s desire.

With our help, you will rock that party!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Wholesale shoes for winter blues

Winter means different things to the all of us. For some of us, it means spending a peaceful, tranquil time and having hot chocolate with our loved ones in the comfort of our homes, while there are others for whom it means having fun in the snow and making snowmen.

However, irrespective of what winter is for us, it's chilly nature is merciless enough to stiffen us in our tracks with its cold air, which apparently means having on our winter wear at all times, and, most importantly, our winter boots.

Jazame is just the place where you can get what you need for protecting your feet from the cold wrath of winter. We have all types of footwear for men, women, and girls.

For winter, we have different varieties of Men’s boots, women’s boots, and girls boots, all of which you can buy at affordable prices, and enjoy the winter without fearing the cold or the amount of cash in your wallet.

So, put on your boots and have some fun!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Girl’s shoes for twinkly twos

Why should boys have all the fun’ is probably something many little girls think in the back of their little minds. And of course, it’s the same when it comes to shoes.

If you are a parent, you will obviously want the best for your little angel. Getting the best quality shoes for your girl is not exactly an easy task, when your budget gets in the way. Imagine getting low budget shoes for your daughter, only for them to start tearing up in different places, and causing great agony to your girl’s feet and heart.

For such problems, we at Jazame are at your service. We specialize in selling all types of shoes, especially the ones you want for your little girl. This includes the delicate flats, the warmth-giving boots, and the pretty sandals.
And if it’s about strength and durability, you can trust us. Our shoes are specially designed using materials that are skin-friendly and long-lasting at the same time.

With our help, you can guarantee the safety of your girl’s little feet.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Men’s shoes, men’s blues

If you are a single man, try picturing this: you have a date with a girl you met at your workplace. You have prepared your tuxedo and everything needed for the date. Finally, when it’s time, you get ready, and manage to reach the meeting place, which happens to be a restaurant, though late by 10 minutes (possibly because you either lost your way, or got chased by a dog). 
You finally notice your date, who is seated at one of the tables, and looking stunning in her little black dress. You two start talking when, in the middle of the conversation, her bracelet suddenly unlocks and slips from her wrist. She bends down to get it from under the table, and gets back up after retrieving it, albeit with a worried look on her face. She suddenly wants to go to the bathroom, and, telling you so, gets up and goes to where the bathroom might be. Fifteen minutes have passed, but there is no sign of your date returning. 
Worried, you get up and run in the direction of the ‘bathroom’, only to learn from the restaurant waiter that ‘the lady in the little black dress’ (as you described her to the waiter in your panicky state of mind), actually left the place! You start wondering where you went wrong, when a passing male waiter stops and inspects you from head to toe, and, on looking down at your feet, with a look of disgust, suddenly turns away and walks off. Surprised by the reaction, you go to the men’s bathroom, and check yourself in one of the mirrors, and, on checking your feet, realize that your shoes, that are supposed to be a part of your suit, actually stand out-in a bad way. 
You remember her worried expression from before, and realize that, continue reading...