Friday, 29 April 2016

This summer, have fun with your girlfriends

When it about summer, why should boys have all the fun! For young women, summer is about going to the beach and having fun under the sun, and who can forget about trying on that new swimsuit and playing and splashing in the water.

And, like they say, ‘every summer has a story’. Depending on the experience, it could be either good or bad. You could probably fall in love with a guy you met and had fun with, or probably end up suffering a serious case of sunburn (possibly with some itchy rashes). But every summer has a good ending, irrespective of what you went through.

But, this summer, there needs to be a slight change. You need something nice for your feet to take the right steps this season-Sandals. Whatever you go through, your feet needs the right armor to go through the metaphorical sands of experience.

And we at Jazame have the summer ‘armor’ for you. Our latest summer footwear collection for women includes t-strap jelly sandals, ankle strap sandals, Thong jelly sandals etc.

Let this summer be the most memorable summer for your feet!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Be the knight for your wallet-go online

When it comes to shopping, everyone has a different view. Some consider it to be a great way to unwind and refresh, while for others, it’s an opportunity to buy the latest fashion accessories, clothes and shoes. The older generation, including the grandparents, see it as nothing more than sheer waste of money.

But no one can deny the one notable advantage of shopping-getting new products that will help us in the long run with our day-to-day household work.
However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Shopping for anything on your mind is really hard if the prices are high. You have to check for alternatives with similar benefits and advantages. This is just what’s more than enough to spoil your shopping mood. For those (especially the girls) buying fashion accessories, it is devastating, when a nice pair of shoes in the store cost a lot more than you can afford or earn in your entire lifetime.

But no need to lose heart, because there’s one solution that will solve your woe- online shopping. The best part? You can shop from the comfort of your home, without having to change your clothes (and possibly put on any amount of make-up). The online shopping websites sell the very stuff you get to see at malls, but at cheaper rates, which makes it all the more easier to save your wallet the unnecessary trouble.

But if it’s about shoes, then there’s one name that’s guaranteed to save you the pain of walking in someone else’s shoes- Jazame.

At, you can buy the shoes you like, at affordable prices.

Why walk in someone else’s shoes, when you can go online and be yourself.

Monday, 11 April 2016

With our dress shoes for men, you can dress to impress

Do you feel that you are the only guy in your group of friends who cannot impress anyone and ends up being ignored at parties, earning you the ‘Wallflower’ championship title?

This is probably the nightmare of any guy with bad social skills and lack of charm that’s needed for making an impression on anyone, including the ladies (ouch!).

And, as if not having the right clothes (or moves, we should say) was not enough, there is another problem plaguing our pitiable heroes: not having the right shoes.

But, if you are one of these guys and thinking of getting yourself the shoes you need for such a situation, think again. Not everyone is born a billionaire or lucky enough to get a high-paying job that will fill their wallets and stomachs both at the same time. The shoes (or dress shoes, as you should call them) might cost a lot more than what you have got in your wallet (and on your mind).

In other words, you could practically end up on the streets! That too, without any cash (yikes!).

We at Jazame, we have got just what you seek for your ‘Shoes-capade’. Our dress shoes include Dress loafers, Lace up Dress oxfords, Slipon dress loafers, Casual Dress loafers etc. We have all types of footwear that will help you pull it off with the ladies.

So, get your best moves on and steal the show! 

Friday, 8 April 2016

This summer, our latest range of sandals will help you face the heat

It is summer, and many of us probably want to enjoy it in our own way. For many of us it means getting the perfect tan, while for others, it’s the perfect excuse for getting into the water and enjoying the waves. Yay!

But, beach or not, it is important to look good, whatever the occasion. And, when we talk about looking good, you obviously cannot ignore the feet. But it’s not just the ladies getting the full blast of the weather’s fury burning their soles. Even the men’s feet have to face the ‘wrath’ of the heat, and wearing the wrong footwear is a complete no-no even for the men.

So, you must be wondering, ‘how to handle the weather and look good at the same time?’ Looking good for a party is one thing, but pulling off a similar trick in such a weather is an entirely different story. There’s just one word that can solve this crisis: Sandals.

We at Jazame have got just what you need for surviving the summer. We have a wide range of summer footwear for both men and women.  Our men’s collection includes Caged sandals, Dress Sandals, Slip on Sandals, Sport Sandals. For women, its Gladiator Sandals, peep toe and open toe Sandals, Ankle strap Sandals, Wedge Sandals, Heel Sandals, Jelly sandals and Ankle cuff Sandals.

Our collection is just what you need to get your feet going for the fun this summer!